ChildProcess Changelog


0.6.5 (2022-09-16) Release on GitHub


0.6.4 (2021-10-12) Release on GitHub

  • Feature / Fix: Skip sigchild check if phpinfo() has been disabled.
    (#89 by @clue)

  • Fix: Fix detecting closed socket pipes on PHP 8.
    (#90 by @clue)

0.6.3 (2021-07-11) Release on GitHub

A major new feature release, see release announcement.

  • Feature: Simplify usage by supporting new default loop.
    (#87 by @clue)

    // old (still supported)
    $process = new React\ChildProcess\Process($command);
    // new (using default loop)
    $process = new React\ChildProcess\Process($command);

0.6.2 (2021-02-05) Release on GitHub

  • Feature: Support PHP 8 and add non-blocking I/O support on Windows with PHP 8.
    (#85 by @clue)

  • Minor documentation improvements.
    (#78 by @WyriHaximus and #80 by @gdejong)

  • Improve test suite and add .gitattributes to exclude dev files from exports.
    Run tests on PHPUnit 9, switch to GitHub actions and clean up test suite.
    (#75 by @reedy, #81 by @gdejong, #82 by @SimonFrings and #84 by @clue)


0.6.1 (2019-02-15) Release on GitHub

  • Feature / Fix: Improve error reporting when spawning child process fails.
    (#73 by @clue)

0.6.0 (2019-01-14) Release on GitHub

A major feature release with some minor API improvements!
This project now has limited Windows support and supports passing custom pipes
and file descriptors to the child process.

This update involves a few minor BC breaks. We've tried hard to avoid BC breaks
where possible and minimize impact otherwise. We expect that most consumers of
this package will actually not be affected by any BC breaks, see below for more

  • Feature / BC break: Support passing custom pipes and file descriptors to child process,
    expose all standard I/O pipes in an array and remove unused Windows-only options.
    (#62, #64 and #65 by @clue)

    BC note: The optional $options parameter in the Process constructor
    has been removed and a new $fds parameter has been added instead. The
    previous $options parameter was Windows-only, available options were not
    documented or referenced anywhere else in this library, so its actual
    impact is expected to be relatively small. See the documentation and the
    following changelog entry if you're looking for Windows support.

  • Feature: Support spawning child process on Windows without process I/O pipes.
    (#67 by @clue)

  • Feature / BC break: Improve sigchild compatibility and support explicit configuration.
    (#63 by @clue)

    // advanced: not recommended by default

    BC note: The old public sigchild methods have been removed, but its
    practical impact is believed to be relatively small due to the automatic detection.

  • Improve performance by prefixing all global functions calls with \ to skip
    the look up and resolve process and go straight to the global function.
    (#68 by @WyriHaximus)

  • Minor documentation improvements and docblock updates.
    (#59 by @iamluc and #69 by @CharlotteDunois)

  • Improve test suite to test against PHP7.2 and PHP 7.3, improve HHVM compatibility,
    add forward compatibility with PHPUnit 7 and run tests on Windows via Travis CI.
    (#66 and #71 by @clue)


0.5.2 (2018-01-18) Release on GitHub

  • Feature: Detect "exit" immediately if last process pipe is closed
    (#58 by @clue)

    This introduces a simple check to see if the program is already known to be
    closed when the last process pipe is closed instead of relying on a periodic
    timer. This simple change improves "exit" detection significantly for most
    programs and does not cause a noticeable penalty for more advanced use cases.

  • Fix forward compatibility with upcoming EventLoop releases
    (#56 by @clue)


0.5.1 (2017-12-22) Release on GitHub

  • Fix: Update Stream dependency to work around SEGFAULT in legacy PHP < 5.4.28
    and PHP < 5.5.12
    (#50 and #52 by @clue)

  • Improve test suite by simplifying test bootstrapping logic via Composer and
    adding forward compatibility with PHPUnit 6
    (#53, #54 and #55 by @clue)

0.5.0 (2017-08-15) Release on GitHub

  • Forward compatibility: react/event-loop 1.0 and 0.5, react/stream 0.7.2 and 1.0, and Événement 3.0
    (#38 and #44 by @WyriHaximus, and #46 by @clue)
  • Windows compatibility: Documentate that windows isn't supported in 0.5 unless used from within WSL
    (#41 and #47 by @WyriHaximus)
  • Documentation: Termination examples
    (#42 by @clue)
  • BC: Throw LogicException in Process instanciating when on Windows or when proc_open is missing (was RuntimeException)
    (#49 by @mdrost)

0.4.3 (2017-03-14) Release on GitHub

  • Ease getting started by improving documentation and adding examples
    (#33 and #34 by @clue)

  • First class support for PHP 5.3 through PHP 7.1 and HHVM
    (#29 by @clue and #32 by @WyriHaximus)

0.4.2 (2017-03-10) Release on GitHub

  • Feature: Forward compatibility with Stream v0.5
    (#26 by @clue)

  • Improve test suite by removing AppVeyor and adding PHPUnit to require-dev
    (#27 and #28 by @clue)


0.4.1 (2016-08-01) Release on GitHub

  • Standalone component
  • Test against PHP 7 and HHVM, report test coverage, AppVeyor tests
  • Fix: Wait for stdout and stderr to close before watching for process exit
    (#18 by @mbonneau)


0.3.0 (2014-07-31) Release on GitHub

Backwards compatibility release for Reach 0.3.x and PHP 5.3 (see #4).

0.4.0 (2014-02-02) Release on GitHub

  • Feature: Added ChildProcess to run async child processes within the event loop (@jmikola)